La Ville de Lillebonne organise un casting pour recruter son père Noël – Paris-Normandie

Afin de trouver son père Noël, la ville organise un casting mardi 29 novembre 2022. Il devra assurer cette mission bénévole contre un abonnement à Juliobona.Prêt à faire rêver les enfants  ? À leur promettre les cadeaux tant espérés  ? Cette mission, si vous l’acceptez, est faite pour vous  ! Encore faut-il se montrer à la hauteur  ! Lire aussi Un atelier pour apprendre à cuisiner les produits...

The Rest of the World : Julien Bert present at the casting despite his electronic bracelet ? -

The casting of The Rest of the World is gradually taking shape. While Nikola Lozina, Simon Castaldi, Adixia Romaniello or Marine El Himer could have signed with the production, many people wonder about the fate of Julien Bert.could the reality TV candidate make his comeback behind the cameras? Nothing is less sure. According to the information...

Mariés au premier regard (M6) : a new reality show for Jennifer ? She comes out of silence - Télé7

For some candidates of Mariés au premier regard (M6), there is a life on the small screen after this experience to find love. Some of the former brides and grooms of the M6 show have indeed succumbed to the sirens of reality TV after their express marriage. This is the case of Yannick from season 5 who was in the cast of La Villa des cœurs brisés at the beginning of the year or Florian from season 4...

Rest of the World: Alan and Jean are already settling scores in the game! - Mce tv

in partnership withThe new season is off to a great start for the rest of the world! Alan and Jean have just arrived and are already at loggerheads with each other!The "romance in Ibiza" is off to a bad start for Alan and Jean! The two new candidates from the rest of the world are already fighting over the same girl... and are therefore already having a little...

Without a sound 3 : a great actress should join the cast of the apocalyptic spin-off - EcranLarge

An awesome actress is set to headline the post-apocalyptic spin-off and third film in the Without a Sound franchise.While Emily Blunt a.k.a. Evelyn Abbott and her entire little family will be back in a new film centered on their survival, the franchise launched in 2018 with the first Without a Sound is going to take a little detour first. Third film...

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