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One of the great novelties of the Parcoursup reform is the active role of high schools / teachers in the orientation of students: the Avenir sheet is part of it (in addition to the 2 weeks of orientation for example).
Here's everything you need to know about this Future File: what is it? what is its content? who prepares it? who can see it?
For some students: it's the Fiche Avenir the real Bac! The most important element of the year to prepare to ensure your enrollment next year is the future form and all the teachers' assessments of your work.
The Fiche Avenir allows you to complete your enrollment wishes formulated on Parcoursup, by the opinion of your teachers on your orientation choices. Good news: you don't have to do anything extra... nothing to completeThe bad news is that teachers can give you feedback on your applications... whether it's positive or negative.
This allows your high school to transmit your academic record (grades and teacher evaluations) to the schools, universities, training programs, etc. in which you would like to enroll next year.
This Avenir form is therefore integrated into your Parcoursup file, adapted to each wish you make, and then examined by the admissions officers of the higher education institutions you are targeting for next year.
The Fiche Avenir is specific to each wish you make (10 maximum) and includes important information about your final year.
3 major pieces of information contained in the Fiches Avenir :
> Your notes. For each subject taught in the final year of high school: the average of the first two terms (or of the first semester), the student's position in the class (ranking), the class size and an assessment of your results, the progress noted and your aptitude for schooling in the type of training sought.
> Your student profile. An additional assessment of your student profile in general, provided by your homeroom teacher (on your work methods, behavior, autonomy, commitment and initiative, etc.)
> An opinion from the head of the school on your wish. The head of the school (principal of your high school), assisted by the opinion of the class council of the second term, makes a judgment on your ability to succeed in the program you have applied for... a favorable or unfavorable opinion on your wish.
Example of an Avenir form to be completed by teachers and head of school
There is no hierarchy between the sections of this form, each element is important. Each section of the future form is automatically filled in from the interface reserved for teachers of the Online Appraisals (AEL) on the Parcoursup platform.
Entering the Fiche Avenir is a collective effort by all your teachers. You do not have to do anything. It is prepared after you have entered your training wishes on Parcoursup (deadline for entering wishes: March 29 at midnight). The more wishes you make, the more work you give to your teachers 🙂
Between March 29 and April 7:
> teachers will give an assessment of your results in their subject for each of your wishes (the comments on your report cards will be automatically reproduced and the teacher will be able to modify them)
> After consultation with the educational team, your homeroom teacher will assess your student profile.
> the 2nd class council of the senior year examines the wishes of each student "with benevolence and confidence in the potential of each person". in the words of the department.
> Finally, the head of the school carries "an informed opinion" on each Future Card.
The Fiche Avenir is only accessible via the internet on the Parcoursup platform (no paper version)
> From the end of March/beginning of April, you will have access to the figures on your Avenir form as they are filled in. If you notice any errors, report them immediately to your school so that they can be corrected before midnight on April 7.
> From midnight on April 8: each Avenir form is sent, via the Parcoursup platform, to the chosen higher education institutions: the admissions officers can consult the form. This form is only one element of your application file, which the person in charge will judge.
> From June 2, 2022, the day the main admission phase begins, you will be able to access the entire Fiche Avenir. When higher education institutions make their decisions known, you can consult the Fiche Avenir on Parcoursup.
To access your future record: go to the Parcoursup website, in the "wishes" tab and within one of your wishes, click on "details" on the right and then on "future file" below your training project and report cards.
#Parcoursup How can we be refused in IUT info com with such a future file?
The future sheet is also a new feature for teachers and head teachers A methodological guide has also been sent to them (by the ministry) so that they can fill them out as well as possible... sometimes teachers feel they are not in a good position to fill out this form... don't hesitate to talk about it with each teacher to make sure that you explain to them your desire to pursue your studies and so that they can give a favorable opinion.
The objective is also for the teachers to advise you or at least discuss your orientation with you before writing these notices.
The Parcoursup 2022 step-by-step guide
Admissions phase / responses to applications: June 2 to July 15
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